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Šimík, R.;Wierzba, M. The role of givenness, presupposition, and prosody in Czech word order: An experimental study 2015 Semantics and Pragmatics 8 1-103
Güldemann, T.;Zerbian, S.;Zimmermann, M. Variation in Information Structure with Special Reference to Africa 2015 Annual Linguistic Review 1 155-178
Zerbian, S. Syntactic and prosodic focus in contact varieties of South African English 2015 English World-Wide 36 228-258
Zerbian, S. Markedness considerations in L2 Prosodic Focus and Givenness Marking 2015 Prosody and Language in Contact: L2 Acquisition, Attrition and Languages in Multilingual Situations 7-27
Zerbian, S. Prosodic marking of focus in transitive sentences in varieties of South African English 2015 Universal or diverse paths to English Phonology 209-240