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Šimík, R. Review of Lydia Grebenyova: Syntax, semantics, and acquisition of multiple interrogatives: Who wants what? 2014 Journal of Slavic Linguistics 22 129-164
Šimík, R.;Wierzba, M.;Kamali, B. Givenness and the position of the direct object in the Czech clause 2014 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL) 22: The McMaster Meeting 2013 302-318
B. Rampton et al. (Hg.) Linguist in an Ideological Firestorm: Personal Reflections on the Kiezdeutsch Controversy. Heike Wiese (University of Potsdam) in conversation with Louise Eley and Ben Rampton (King’s College London) 2014 Working Papers in Urban Language and Literacies 141
Bacskai-Atkari, J. The syntax of comparative constructions : operators, ellipsis phenomena and functional left peripheries 2014
Bacskai-Atkari, J. Structural Case and Ambiguity in Reduced Comparative Subclauses in English and German 2014 Acta Linguistica Hungarica 61 363–378